I’m a mom who is dangerously close to celebrating the 13th anniversary of my 29th birthday.  I used to spend my time educating other people’s children in my Kindergarten classroom.  Now, I spend my time running after my own children.  Growing up in the 70s and 80s as a lazy-eyed, left-handed, accident prone, fashion challenged kid, I have learned to not take myself so seriously.  Unfortunately, I haven’t changed too much, and I continue to find myself in ridiculous situations that define my resilience.  Welcome.  I’m glad you’re here.


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    • Hi Margie! Thanks so much for reading – and a compliment from you – means the world to me – I didn’t know I could or even want to write before I had you for 6th grade English!! How are you??? Catch me up to date when you get a chance!

  1. There’s that face that comes to mind when I think of Julie! Wow…takes me back some. Actually, plan is to teach for one more school year and then I’ll have about 40 years in. This year is actually my 40th year of graduation from Wartburg. Doesn’t seem possible! You were in one of those favorite classes…I can say that now that I’m thinkiing of retiring from a wonderful career. I’ll still be an adjunct for Wartburg and Buena Vista so will be able to affect more “students” along the way.

    My two children are settled and happy. Chad is in Mason City…married Libby Yankey and they have 3 beautiful grandchildren…JJ is 10, Jackie is almost 8 and Olivia is 5. Stacy lives in Moravia, IA and works as a conservation naturalist. My stepson Jim and his wife live near Des Moines where he is an attorney for Wells Fargo. Feb. will be his 8th year for a kidney transplant from his college roommate Ryan. Truly a miracle!

    So many changes along the way, Julie, that’s for sure. What fun to see so many former students finding success. Love it when they say, Hey, Mrs. Wickman or Mrs. Steinberg….remember me?

    Good to see Chris now and then. I try to send her some prepared students! Keep in touch. You are wonderful and I’m so grateful to be able to reconnect! Love you, Margie

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